Below are audio files and handouts that summarize the content for each chapter of Renew. These links can be helpful resources for pastors and small group leaders who are facilitating a study of Renew.

Renew Small Group Leader Training

Renew Power Point Slides

Lesson 1: The Storms We Face (Audio)

Lesson 2: The Help We Need (Audio)

Lesson 3: Water for Dry Souls (Audio)

Lesson 4: Our Wreckage (Audio)

Lesson 5: Our Idols (Audio)

Lesson 6: Shame (Audio)

Lesson 7: Bitterness (Audio)

Lesson 8: Godly Sorrow (Audio)

Lesson 9: New Affections (Audio)

Lesson 10: Making Peace (Audio)

Lesson 12: Stories of Grace (Audio)