I have lived most of my life in central Arkansas, born and raised in North Little Rock, but now I live on the south side of the river.  I love living in Arkansas!

My story of faith proves that no one can outrun the irresistible grace of Jesus Christ.  Growing up, my family attended church until I was a teenager.  And while I responded to an “altar call” at any early age, looking back I know that my profession was not real faith – there was never fruit in my life and Jesus was certainly not my cherished affection.  And yet, as I grew up, the Gospel was shared with me so many times…little seeds of hope that God would use at his appointed time.

In my twenties and early thirties I was a walking contradiction.  Outwardly, I was likeable and successful.  But my heart was far from God and on the inside I was a wreck.  I chased money and success in my career, abused alcohol and was an adulterer.

It was then that the God of all Grace chose to bring me from death to life.  He showed me how miserable my life was without Him and that only in Christ I could find rest for my weary soul (Mt. 11:29).  My faith was not a choice…all I could ever choose was death.  My faith was a gift from God.  That gift reconciled me to Him, cancelling my sin debt by nailing it to Christ’s cross (Col. 2:14).

God has used his church to plant and continuously water the Gospel in me.  In 2005, I received the call into ministry while on a mission trip in Tokyo; while I was sharing the Gospel God whispered to me: “This is your life now.”  So, in 2007, I left my career as a lawyer and joined the staff of Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock.

I am married to Leigh, a rock-star wife, artist, Christian-counselor, and beloved child of God.  We have no children of our own, but the Lord has blessed us with many spiritual children whom we love as our own.

As I look at my life now, I know that this is all the Lord’s doing.  Like the Apostle Paul, I boldly proclaim that “by God’s grace I am what I am and His grace towards me was not in vain” (1 Cor. 15:10).